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English Introduction

Welcome to the website for Xinglong Elementary School!

Our school is located on the southeast coast of Taiwan in Xingchang Village. Xingchang Village is located in Donghe Township, Taitung County. Our school has very beautiful views. The eastern view is the Pacific Ocean. The western view is Coastal Mountain Range.

Our students come from Xingchang and Longchang Villages. Most of our students’ parents are farmers. They live in agricultural communities.
Our classes range from kindergarten to sixth grade. There are 12 teachers and 4 staff members in our school.

Our school’s vision is to offer opportunities for our students to reach their full potential to become caring, competent, knowledgeable young people who are dedicated to making a positive difference anywhere in the world.

Our curricula are based on four concepts. They include Health, Respect, Empowerment, and Innovation.

• learn by multiple activities
• open learning space
• have a good physical and mental health
• optimistic and positive children

• to respect themselves and others
• multi-cultural learning environment

• the ability to think and solve problems independently

• to inspire students to learn independently
• to motivate students to develop creative and innovative

• to enhance teachers’ curriculum design and teaching abilities
through continuing professional development
• to develop students' basic competencies through curricula in the
learning areas
• to facilitate the transformation of our students into lifelong learners
• to inspire each student to become a responsible, confident, creative,
caring individual with a good international outlook